How We Operate

What you can expect

Concerning Grooms- You provide the space with water, electricity & towels, We bring the rest.

You  decide what time best suits your schedule from our availability options. You may book online or over the phone. On the date of service, we arrive within a 1 hour window of your elected reservation.  We ask that you have a closed off empty space in which grooming can be performed. For most people that work space is a bathroom or laundry room with a deep sink or shower. We introduce ourselves, and  meet your pet in a consulation so that we can assess coat, and go over details in person to customize the groom to your preferences. We  bring and set up equipment into the designated work area. For small dogs the usual time frame is between 1.5-2.5 hours. We clean up after ourselves when the groom is complete,  and leave you with a house as it was before our arrival. You have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet's individual stylist, getting consistent results, and having your pet be the primary focus of a seasoned professional. 

Other important things to know

It is hugely beneficial for time efficiency to have a hand held shower wand for bathing with. 

If  you have a dog that sheds, when they're being dried, coat is blown throughout the work-space. For these situations, we kindly request that there are no wall decor pieces, shower curtains, hanging towels, floor rugs, or the like being kept in the room to  allow for a thorough clean up when the groom is complete. 

Trick Training & Liberty

Nothing in life is more enjoyable than an animal who holds you in their heart. We love making life fun while improving animal/human relationships. If this interests you, please express the concerns and observations you've made with your own animals, & we can put together a plan to make positive changes in your lives.

Companies & Individuals we happily recommend!