What people have said regarding our services...


Thank you for making my heart happy!

These kind words from the great families that let me in thier homes and hearts make me glow with happiness. Having my passion recognized and appreciated gives me the highest satisfaction.

 With Love,


"Wow, I just want to give gratitude where it's deserved. My wife and I have a Keeshond. This is a long haired dog that looks like an exact mix of a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. The hair and shape of the hair is that of a Pom, but the hair is thicker and silver with black like that of a Husky. The size of the dog is also a mix. Right in between to two. Needless to say, she's a furball. We've had her for a little over 4 years. We tried groomer after groomer and never had a great haircut. Some were horrible and some were good, or at least from what we'd experienced. Our dog always had to be at the goomer all day, came home stressed, worn out, and hated going in the first place. Well, we saw a referral and decided to try Joni. Let me start by saying, although a Keeshond is a challange to groom as is, my wife and I made it even more difficult by shaving our dog in the summer the past two years and almost ruined it's coat. It was almost like sheeps wool it was so thick. We called Joni, explained the situation and asked if shed take a look at her. Let me say, Joni is extremely professional, a perfectionist, and wonderful with the dogs. We dropped Zoe off about 10am and Joni called at 1pm to say she was done. We told Joni, if she needed to spread it out over several groomings, that was fine with us, as we knew it would be a chore. Well, we picked her up, she was beautiful, she was completely done, and she had never looked better. All of the undercoat gone, her hair was like silk, and you could even feel her little body under all that hair, where as before, due to the thickness of her coat, you couldn't. I cant say enough good things about Joni. Even when we picked Zoe up, Joni was explaining things to us and just gently stroking Zoe's hair as she spoke with us. You can tell she just loves what she does. If anyone needs a great groomer, please give her a try. Spreading the word on her is the least we can do after the wonderful job she did for us.You will not be happier with a groomer."
-The Taylor Family with Zoe

"Joni has been my groomer for over 4 years now and I don't think I could replace her. She is very thorough with my dogs each and every time. I have 2 Maltese and one with the furriest inner ears anyone has ever seen. She does, by far, the best job at plucking his ears as well as over all grooming! My dogs have never had an adverse reaction to the shampoo she uses and they don't come out overly perfumed at all as I would be allergic. I love that she comes to my house because I just hated leaving them at a shop where they were kenneled until their grooming. We are all, man and beast alike, much calmer being able to just stay home for the grooming. Her prices are very reasonable especially for coming to your house and her discounts are generous! Joni is very knowledgeable about all breeds and temperaments and always teaches me something new about training my dogs with love and logic!! I will definitely be sharing this website with all my pet loving friends and neighbors as they are all very complimentary of my dogs' appearance!"
-Amy Doty with Cotton & Jasper

"Joni provides a specialty service in my opinion. If a person is looking for a quick bath, blow dry, haircut, there are lots of places where that can be done. I am a lot pickier than that and want to know my dogs have not been subjected to a heavy handed groomer who is having a bad day. If you want to know your dog is being treated as an individual and not a cage number, Joni's absolutely the person for the job. Plus she does beautiful work without stressing out your pet."

-Amy with Sundance

"Hi, Joni.I’ve never had a dog that had to be “styled” before, so it was something new when my family got a miniature schnauzer who needed to not only be washed and dried, but actually cut and styled. Thank goodness we found you! Ollie looks absolutely AMAZING every time you’re finished working on him. It never ceases to amaze me at how beautiful he looks. We call him our “show dog” when you’re done with him. He goes from looking like a scruffy terrier to an actual miniature schnauzer. You have a true talent. I also really appreciate the tips you provide with respect to his behavior. We’ve been using them and they really work. You are a pleasure to be around and I can tell you have a real passionfor animals. Thanks for all you do!" -Melina Meyers with Ollie"

"This was the first time I have used Joni and she far exceeded my expectations. Frosty is a 13 year old Samoyed who is very arthritic and has a hard time standing. Additionally, he is incontinent. During the grooming Joni and her assistant not only had to support him the entire time, but had to deal with his incontinence issues. They were very calming and supportive, talking to him the entire time. One of the reasons I selected Joni was other clients’ remarks about how clean everything was when she was done. This was a major concern as Frosty not only has a double coat, but was in the process of shedding his winter coat. She lived up to those standards. Before starting she prepped my bathroom and then cleaned everything before leaving. Lastly, it was probably the best grooming he has ever received. He looked great when she was done. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Joni."
 -Larry Goldsticker and Frosty

"I called and Joni got me in right away! She is the best with my precious puppy. My puppy was a stray and so life just freaks her out and Joni made her so comfortable from the first minute they met! I have been to many groomers and she by far is the best...she makes her smell so good and treats her almost better than me!!!!!!! Joni,,,, THANK u so much!"
-Gina and Peyton!

"We started using Joni as well after reading referrals about her on-line. She does an amazing job with our dog and he's always so calm and happy. I would recommend her to anyone that truly cares about their dog. She's very well trained, loves what she does, and is incredibly professional. It's a bit of a drive for us but definitely worth it. We've used two different, highly recommended groomers, and Joni does a much better job with our dog grooming wise and emotionally. He's just a totally different dog with her. Very relaxed and happy. And he comes home free of razor burn and itching. His skin is incredibly sensitive and she's the first groomer to successfully groom him without him having any adverse reactions. She's really great at what she does. I'm glad to hear that others are just as happy. Thanks for sharing."

"Our beloved dog Bosley was a nervous guy as well as a cancer survivor, so we needed someone gentle and patient as a groomer. Joni is that person times ten. She has a special touch with animals, and Bosley grew to trust her very quickly."

-Michelle, Allen,Tx.

RIP Bosley. You are forever loved.

Joni is “The Dog Groomer Extraordinaire”!  I first met Joni through horses and thought highly of her as I witnessed her amazing ability with horses.  It was a pleasant surprise to learn that her excellence with horses and work ethic extended into another passion.  She meticulously grooms every inch of my 3 large long-haired dogs with gentleness, kindness and connection.  As a result, the dogs enjoy every minute of their time with Joni and are beautiful, healthy and happy when she finishes.   I highly recommend Joni.

-Debbie Lewis