Questions and Answers...



 How do I have confidence that a stylist is  right for my dogs?

They do what's in the best interest of the dog. A good stylist will be happy to answer any questions you have to put  you at ease about the way they operate.  They take the time to ask about  individual features concerning your dogs groom. They use high quality  products and don't rush through their work. They are familiar with breed  standards and can offer creative insight to those wanting something  different. They are adept at reading dogs and having a timing and feel  for aiding the dog to have the least amount of stress as is possible.  They take into account the dogs age, medical issues, breed, coat  condition, and behavior. They're always working to improve the experience for the pets in their  hands. They listen to what you want and need and deliver  results you  are proud of in a happy dog when all is said and done.

How long will a groom take?

Patience is a virtue! The amount of time it takes to do a groom depends on the size of the dog, behavior, coat condition, and what you'd like done. Smaller dogs typically take between 1.5-2.5 hours, while medium-large generally take between 2-4 hours.

 How much is a trip fee?

 We waive the trip fee for anyone within 15 miles of our business location in Denison, Tx. and charge $1.00 per mile thereafter. This cost is reduced as an introductory appreciation for new clients & we offer a couple of programs that reduce or eliminate this for you on grooms after your first visit.

What age can I start having my puppy seen to?

 The earlier the better. Puppies may be bathed as early as 8 weeks. The younger you start acclimating your puppy to  the process, the easier it is for him or her to become accustomed. Most  puppies don't have all of their vaccinations done until they're  16  weeks of age. House call grooming is hugely beneficial for these puppies so  exposure is minimized for them.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

 It depends on your particular dog. We offer optimal rates for families that have their dogs seen to on a 4 week rotation.  With long coated breeds or even hair in excess of 1.5 inches you must brush/comb on a regular basis to prevent matting. If your dog has short hair, the nails and ears should be maintained in addition to a regular bathing to make sure healthy skin and coat is maintained.

Do you have any breed restrictions? 

 We do not turn away any dogs based on breed alone. We do opt to choose not to work with dogs who are known to be aggressive or un-neutered male dogs older than 4 months of age. 

Why should I groom my smooth coated dog?

 It is still hugely beneficial to brush  them, bathe them,  clip nails, and clean ears. These girls and guys are significantly less costly to have serviced.

No matter how much I brush, my pet's coat still gets matted. What can I do?

Using the right quality equipment is absolutely necessary to make this easier on you. In most cases, other than equipment, this is due to improper brushing. You must make sure you are getting the hair all the way down to the skin not just the top layer. You should start at the bottom of one leg and work your way up in sections, then do the same to the other 3 legs making sure you get the feet and under front legs very well. The tail, body, chest, stomach, head, ears, under and behind ears must all be brushed and combed. A comb removes any tangles that a brush may have left behind. Every tangle must be removed prior to wetting your pet, as water tightens existing tangles/mats. When a comb can go through everything, then you have properly brushed your dog. It is a lot of work, but in my opinion the results are well worth the effort. 

 Why does my dog get so upset and shake so bad when introduced to a groomer or vet?

Dogs are animals of routine. When we disrupt what they are accustomed to they can be upset and react in a way that states they are distressed. Dogs respond to the way we feel. They can sense the slightest amount of negativity we have, and it channels to them. By feeling bad for them, you may unknowingly cause your pet to be stressed. What you are doing is for your pet's good and there is nothing to feel bad about. If you want your pet to be more comfortable and help ease the stress of him/ her being groomed, act like its no big deal. When you meet an individual that needs to interact with your dog, don't feel sorry for him or tell him "good boy" if he is acting anxious. This casual, matter of fact approach can take a great deal of  anxiety away. There will be plenty of time  to ooh and ah or snuggle when they're in a good/calm frame of mind. :)  Even if he or she still shakes, they realize something new or  different is about to occur. Grooming is a necessary part of a dog's life.The more often its done, the calmer the dog tends to be regarding the process. Please be aware that even the most timid of dogs tend to calm down once they realize the people working on them are genuine, kind, and treat animals fairly.